My Recent Experience

ECOTRADE, Ecotrade Slovakia, s.r.o. – Vienna, Austria |
Development of Sustainable Systems |Contracted: 2012 to Present

Strategic Consulting & New Business Development including:
> Created business model & business plan.
> Researched and advised on corporate entity / management structures, drafted NDA.
> Developed financial model inc: break even point, investor exit strategy, KPI, cash flow analysis.
> Developed marketing / sales strategy inc: target market research & analysis, product pricing.
> Developed investor presentation; co-presented raising 3.5 million euro in startup capital.

LUKAS LANG BUILDING SYSTEMS, gmbh – Vienna, Austria |
Factory Produced Modular Building Components | Contracted: 2012

Developed US Market Expansion Strategy Plan including:
> Developed marketing / sales strategy inc: target market research & analysis, product pricing.
> Researched product import and implementation restriction legalities.
> Created logistics plan inc: manufacturing partners, transportation.
> Created implementation plan timeline.
> Created target list of potential investment partners.

APP LA CARTE LTD – Auckland, New Zealand |
Mobile Phone SaaS CMS App Development Company | Contracted: 2012

Strategic Consulting & Business Development including Business Strategy:
> Researched and developed SaaS business model / business plan development.
> Researched & developed: global corporate entity / management structures.
> Implemented company’s US LTD incorporation & banking framework.
> Conducted market research inc: competitive price analysis, trend and demographic analysis.
> Developed marketing strategy.
> Developed 26 point organic inbound digital marketing plan inc: SEO, SEM, SMM, link building, keyword research, web analytics and an affiliate marketing program plan.
> Developed commissioned sales force plan inc: salesforce resource website, webinar program.
> Created timeline plan for achieving investment funding.