My Strengths


Russell Crosby | Management ConsultantThe ability to lead is a product of nature and nurture. I have an innate ability to take charge and create a course of action; an alpha personality it can be said. This ability has also been cultivated through experience. In the last fifteen years that I have managed projects of all variety, I have continuously relied on a core set of skills that have served me well. Those have been my drive for success, self-confidence, hard-working nature, ability to delegate tasks, ability to build and motivate teams / be a team player and most importantly be cool under pressure. I have found that this ratio of abilities delivers more projects on time, to budget and to a high standard.


Russell Crosby | Management ConsultantI believe in clear, concise communication. The root of misunderstanding comes from the omission of detail. In business this can be costly; the company losing money or worse the loss of a client. But this is not to say that crafting a proper statement is not an art. Being diplomatic and empathetic to a client or a team’s needs creates better synergy. Keeping track of and logging all forms of communication from all stakeholders involved and being clear about all goals, responsibilities, measurements of performance, expectations and giving feedback averts conflict and misunderstanding. On the flip side good communication comes from listening as well, better enhancing negotiation and conflict resolution. This approach gains trust and has been a valued ability of mine.


Russell Crosby | Management ConsultantThere is a beauty to order and structure. I am very methodical. I believe that being diligent, paying close attention to details and proper planning and organizing leads to efficiency. When I see a waste of energy, my mind sees a problem and races to find a way to solve it. I feel that there isn’t a problem, task, challenge or quest that can’t be broken down into parts or stages and tackled one by one. Organization is my strength. Whether it is handling multiple tasks or multiple teams, this ability leads to results.

Analytical / Technical

Russell Crosby | Management ConsultantThe process of solving a problem and using the results to come to a conclusion gives me great satisfaction. Knowing how to sift through data and find a plan of attack or an advantage is the goal. I have always been very logical and able to sort through data to make an informed decision. Common sense, intuition, having a varied experience and being able to look beyond conventional methods all help. I thrive on mental challenges and it is this that feeds my curiosity. I have a great affinity towards all things technical.


Russell Crosby | Management ConsultantAll of the previous strengths and attributes would be dry if it were not for my creative side. I have had a continuous, life-long love of learning and have never limited myself to a particular discipline. I am able to gather and assimilate information quickly. My interest in foreign languages (Spanish, French, Persian, and German), cultures, history and travel all bring a multifaceted global perspective to my understanding. I have been involved in various creative endeavors from architectural and landscape design culminating with my study of the web users experience. My ability to fuse the technical with the creative gives a rich, human touch to any project.